Incredible WAGYU !

Wagyu, Japanese beef, is a product particularly appreciated by meat lovers. 
"Exceptional meat", some would say. The beef is grain-fed, in a protected and highly regulated environment. The Wagyu is very marbled, very tender. We offer in our establishment a variety of Wagyu,
Japanese but also Australian. The meat menu of the World is completed according
to 'arrivals'. The Italian Chianina is very popular
with restaurant customers, as is the Spanish Rubia Gallega.

Organize your Meat Masterclass

We regularly offer a meat tasting in the form of a Masterclass. 
The aim is for guests to be able to taste and compare
the different exceptional meats offered on our menu.
Cooking and commentary are provided by the Chef of
the Van der Valk Charleroi Airport, Lorenzo Conti. This type of activity can be scheduled as part of an incentive
or during a meeting with friends.
Contact our Sales Department to organize your event
( 🎥 Video: 
(World Meat MasterClass presented by Lorenzo Conti
and sommelier Eric Boschman).